First Lady Frump Factor

Voters not only reinstalled the worst president in history for a second term they also chose the First Lady with the least interest in the job, again.

Entering stage present standing just under  5′ 11", weighing 1xx pounds, the effervescent scion of scowl Michelle 'Manchelle' Obama.

Queen Elizabeth was scared nearly half to death when Manchelle offered her man-hand in a royal protocol shattering moment in term one.   Term two is off to a hard-vacationing start as her darkness dons designer clothes and jets off to Aspen in great haste. Let them eat horse meat, right Manchelle?

Sad but none of the ladies below were voted to replace her.

Newt Gingrich tried to bring third wife Calista Gingrich. Calista's stare would make a zombie pee dust..Calista has a full-wrap hair helmet.  A tight ball of white hair, oddly matching Newt's tone and color in a scary couple's twinzees look.  Calista sorta looks like the white owl on the cigar box huh.

None of the other wannabeez made it either.  When Mitt lost the nation lost an elegant possibility in Ann Romney to replace you know who.  Can't say that about Bill Clinton (remember Hillary the Hun?) or Herman Cain, the other black guy that didn't make it.

Michelle: "I Kind Of Like" Being Called "Your Excellency"