Woman Stabs Roommate Over Electric Bill

Cops say 32-year-old Nicole Marie Wagner used a 'decorative' spear to stab her 31-year-old female roommate in the back.

Nicole was pissed-off over her roommate's alleged 'waste' of electricity and casual attitude toward turning off lights.

The charges? Aggravated assault and terroristic threats... Terroristic threats?

The word terror is way overused these days.   And how does an attack with a decorative spear qualify as an act of terror?

Well, aside from the obvious. Nicole has some serious issues regarding utility usage and finding new roommates.

Remember the good old days when a spear attack was attempted murder, or at least mayhem?  A terror charge should require Nicole to strap on a backpack filled with lawnmower gas and light it with a road flare blowing herself and the roommate up, not just jabbing her with a trinket she got on a cruise to Bali.

And what is a 'decorative' spear anyway? 

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