Two Beers A Day 'triples' Cancer Risk

Alcohol, no matter from beer or wine, no matter from stout or Cabernet is toxic. Not new news, but just how toxic is kinda special.

The British NHS issued stark alcohol warnings citing the increased risk of cirrhosis, pancreatitis, bowel, mouth, throat and neck cancers.

Sarah Lyness, at Cancer Research UK, said 'Alcohol can increase the risk of seven types of cancer, including two of the commonest kinds - breast and bowel cancers...and a recent study showed that nearly 12,500 cancers in the UK each year are caused by alcohol.'

Go back and read the warning labels on wine and whiskey. Not one mention of cancer, cirrhosis, pancreatitis, or blindness.  So when you get one of these diseases who do you sue?  The government?  Good luck.