Michelle Obama And A Dog Humping A Sheep

What does Michelle Obama have to do with a dog mounting a ewe in the background of a romantic picnic?  Nothing.

Still, it seems oddly appropriate to tie the two together.

In the book ‘The Amateur’ author Edward Klein describes the antics of the First Vacationer over the last three years and claims that Mrs Obama’s ‘obsessive’ behavior is the talk of the White House.

Scattered among the hodgepodge of fun stuff the tome tracks Manchelle ordering the secret service to watch Barry because she's afraid he'll cheat like John Kennedy cheated on Jackie. Her words, not the Angle's.

The First Suspect is said to be ‘unusually jealous’ and has so little trust in the failed president she pops in on him unannounced during work hours 'just to make sure'.  Something Hillary Clinton apparently neglected to do.

Madam Jealousy is also anxious regarding Barry's close relationship with Oprah Winfrey - and shuns her because she ‘hates fat people’. Wow. Hates fat people? Michelle must be okay with Greyhound Bus wide hips though.

Recall, Mrs Obama has been characterized as an 'angry black woman'. If true, these shenanigans seem to fit.

These books are usually full of hyperbole, hearsay, and questionable credibility. But there is something fishy about Queen Manchelle. Aside from the designer clothing, chopped bangs, and overuse of government air travel.

Oh. The Border Collie doing it doggie-style at the idyllic picnic?  Obama says he ate dog meat as a kid so we included a series of pictures of man's best friend stealing the show. Take a look.  (ed  note. notice the breed of the dog is a Collie usually expected to herd the sheep, not have sex with them).

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