Philly Zaps Coffee House Street Cleanup

Good deeds are often punished thanks to smaller minds and ego.

Philadelphia is a city with decay, dilapidation, decrepitude and denial. 

Ori Feibush, owner OCF Coffee House tried for six years to get the city to clean or sell a slice of eyesore across the street from his coffee shop. Silence.

So Ori spent $20,000 of his own money to clean concrete chunks, weeds, and a decade’s worth of garbage on the tiny parcel.  The city took notice.

Philly charged Mr Feibush was trespassing. Of course the lumbering turds at the Philly Redevelopment Authority want Mr Feibush to destroy the 1,600-square foot island of joy and put all the garbage back.  Isn't that how the mind of a civil servant works?

The top ten most violent cesspool cities in America are all black dominated.