Women Talk Too Much

For thousands of years garrulous females have been driving males out of cave, castle, and condo.  Finally science has discovered why.

The University of Maryland School of Medicine found women out-yacking men by a 3:1 ratio. Researchers even quantified how much woman expatiate - 20,000 words a day! Contrast with the male output of 7,000 words.  Most of that time defending themselves.

The UOM guys scanned the 'fair sex' and figured out they devote twice as much of their brains to speech. They don't have bigger vocabularies. No, no they just move their jaws compulsively, constantly, without constraint in rapid fire like a Maxim machine gun in the trenches at Verdun. .

The culprit is the speech gene FOXP2. Women have an overflow of the protein coursing through Broca's region.  Like a red-hot, smoking river of lava on Mount Kilauea they are drowning in the stuff.  And there is no cure.

Well, now we know. But men are still left to persevere. Women, like it or  not, will still fill the air with argument even when there is nothing to talk about.  Especially when they get pregnant.

70% of Women 30% of Men Fake Orgasm