CA Doctors Dump Obamacare Patients

The Obama regime has invested heavily in Obamacare in California. The state is fat with Obama Democrats and Obama constituents.

So when the California Medical Association reported last week that even before a single Obamacare patient has arrived at any medical office door 70% of physicians say they will boycott the Obamacare contrivance and turn them away.

Reimbursement rates for Medicare and Medicaide are among the lowest in the nation in California.

So when doctors took a closer look and saw that Obamacare portends reimbursement rates between the two low-paying systems already in place - most of them are saying no-way-San-Jose.

And that leaves California (and the rest of the states) in a conundrum.  Why force people into a healthcare system that has no doctors and no hospitals?  Cricket sounds....

Update:  Guess what?  You can't keep your drugs either!

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