Top Ten Things You Can't Have For Christmas

Unless you're one of the 1342 billionaires in the USA you can forget getting one of these really neat toys for Christmas.

Ten titillate trinkets are:

Really personal jet: The two-seater Saker S-1 has a top speed of Mach one. Loaded cost? A paltry $7 million.

Ultimate cellphone: The Vertu Ti  is still a cellphone, except it costs $10,000. But the phone comes with a live personal assistant, an all titanium case, and a 4-inch sapphire crystal screen

Your suit, sir: Juxtopia have a space diving suit (complete with gyroscopic boots and power gloves) that lets you take a leap from edge of space and land pretty much wherever you want. This thing is so cool, the military wants one too. Price unknown.

Not just any Rolls: The one of a kind Celestial Phantom has a glass-particle exterior paint job, a headliner infused with thousands of fiber optic lights accurately replicating the constellations, and no less than 446 diamonds hand-set into the interior. Oh, and a picnic set is also included sans food for that $500,000 price tag.

What time is it?: Only 50 Hublot MP-05 LaFerrari's are to be made setting the price at $300,000 each. The watch costs more than the car of the same name. It has so much crap in it, ya gotta go take a look for yourself.

Poopoo time: The Numi $6,650 toilet is a throne to behold. It has Bluetooth for music, programmable ambient lighting, a bidet, heated seats, foot warmers, custom settings for individual users, a wireless remote (for the OCDers), a USB port for upgrading firmware and the ability to greet users with a personalized message you record.

Tunes in, turn on: The Opera Only is a 3,307lb 6-foot high monster amplifier putting out 160,000-watts of power. But ya gotta wait 6 months to get one and be ready with $2.2 million.

Fire the maid, here's your vacuum: The Mab concept, a swarm of 908 solar-powered flying mini robots flying around your house in a clawing cacophonous cleaning frenzy.  The bots find dust using infrared sensors. Once the spherical "home base" death star scans the surrounding area the micro-bots takeoff the job done. You are advised not to be home when this thing activates.

Portable PC?: The Panasonic Toughpad 4K UT-MB5 has packed 3,840 x 2,560 pixels into a 20-inch IPS Alpha LCD screen. It does weigh a hefty 5.3lbs and costs $6,000 but why not take all of it with you on your Saker S-1.

Go ahead, make my day: the Fortress is a German vault from Döttling. The guaranteed impenetrable can be configured with a Spanish cedar humidor to ensure your Cuban's don't go stale, and eight watch winders in which to park your Hublot MP-05 LaFerrari. Call for pricing.

See anything you like? Or are you more concerned you're not among the 1342 that can realistically buy any or all the goodies on the list?