30-Years Of Brutal Winters Ahead

What happened to global warming?  Oh yea, it was never real and the goons that made their living hyping the myth are caught with their pants down in the middle of a 30-Year mini ice age.

Sir Brian Heap, president of the European Academies Science Advisory Council, said he felt “obliged” to issue the warning after a new study by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) was issued early this year.

Remember, Britain's been in front crying wolf over faux-science-driven climate change for two decades. Google the University of East Anglica if you want the rest of the story.

Where is Al Gore hiding out?  His big fat-white-ass is parked on a Malibu beach wearing woolen speed-ohs roasting and toating his chest-nuts around a massive bonfire - no doubt.

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