Polygamy Ruled Constitutional

Based on the logic behind gay marriage polygamy is being brought back to life in Utah.

Utah was forced to outlaw polygamy back in 1896 by the US Congress. But a federal court just ruled the polygamy law is unconstitutional. And Utah's governor is not happy.

The 91-page opinion written by U.S. District Judge Clark Waddoups in Brown v. Buhman, has made Warren Jeffs a happy fella - except for some of his underage brides.

The ruling also opens up the possibility of Muslims establishing harems in the USA.

In 2003 Lawrence v. Texas resulted in the Supreme Court overruling previous sexuality precedents by declaring unconstitutional laws that made homosexual sodomy a crime. Gays have used the case to push for gay marriage.

Until recently, many have argued that marriage was between men and women largely for the protection of kids. The new conception of marriage evolved from no-fault divorce laws in the 1970s and the sexual revolution. Marriage is now said to be about personal happiness and fulfillment.

So polygamists argue marriage is a “right to self-determination of private relations and family matters free of government intrusion.”  The federal courts seem to agree.

And that changes everything folks. The logical extension of this ruling therefore leads to polygyny - one man with multiple women, polyandry - one woman with multiple men,  and polyamory - multiple men with multiple women.

In plain words, anything goes. Short of a reversal on appeal, get ready for the chaos many predicted would come after allowing lesbians and gay males to tie-the-knot.

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