Hit-And-Run Victim Saved By Dog

John Miles was taking his aging dog Lucy for a walk on a Dorchester street near Boston when both were struck from behind by a hit-and-run driver.

John was knocked unconscious and laying in a pile by the side of the road when Lucy, despite a broken leg limped off for help. Lucy made it to a Dentist office and started barking until someone came out to help.

When the EMTs found John by the side of the road they couldn't identify him. But Lucy had dog tags.

John has two broken legs, a broken arm and 15 facial fractures all requiring surgery. Lucy is limping around at home with a torn ACL and leg fractures. Lucy misses John and continues to look for him.

John's daughter says of Lucy, “So after the accident, when I was home with her, she had tears running down her fur. She is walking around lost without him.” Apparently beagles do, in fact, have tear ducts.

Lucy isn't aware of her hero status, nor likely would she much care.  She just wants John to come home. Lucy gets her surgery in a couple of days.

“Once the winter’s over, if I’m recovered and Lucy’s recovered you can bet we’ll be out doing our walking again,” John told reporters from his hospital bed.