Top Twelve Obama Fails For 2013

 Obama's riding low on his signature failure - ObamaCare.  But the failure-in-chief never goes down alone.  He's a blamer and he's a back-stabber.

Remember when Obama...
  1. Blamed the Secret Service for cancelled White House tours
  2. Blamed acting IRS head Steve Miller for going after the Tea Party
  3. Fired Ben Bernanke saying "...he’s already stayed a lot longer than he...was supposed to"
  4. First backed then blamed Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood after military took them out
  5. Backstabbed fund raiser Anna Wintour who didn't get her ambassadorship
  6. Blocked veterans from their memorials during the Democrat's government shutdown
  7. Hung Dick Durbin out to dry over the Obama 'can't stand to look at the GOP' remark
  8. The Big 'you can keep your doctor and insurance' Lie
  9. Backstabbed Israel with the 'deal of the century' with Iran that took a week to unravel
  10. The Syria two-step calls yet another Obama bluff
  11. The Billion Buck broken website black hole
  12. Violates 4th amendment collecting every cell-phone call in the universe
That's just 2013.  Next brace for 2014 and the full blossom of ObamaCare and Iran's nukes among other goodies.  Oh joy...

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