Amazon Witch Doctor Drug Hits High Schools

High school kids are switching from LSD, magic mushrooms and ketamine to ayahuasca, a combination of a pair of plants from the Amazon rain forest.

Amazon shaman stew and consume the plants to get their 'visions.'  The kids are loading up and smoking the crap to get a hyper hallucinatory high more extreme than the 'old school' stuff from the acid days of the 60s.

Users found out about ayahuasca from a couple of ill-conceived cult films "Enter the Void" in 2009 and the 2010 documentary "DMT: The Spirit Molecule." The toxic message delivered is the same old saw - get 'heightened awareness' while you mimic real-lie schizophrenia.

The word on the street is the active ingredient DMT offers an 'extreme hallucinatory experience' and users cite a 'bad trip' as a potential risk. Just the ticket for a tin-headed teen, right?