Robo Calling Robot Denies Being A Machine

Why would a telemarketing company have robots calling people and deny they are machines? 

TIME Washington Bureau Chief Michael Scherer got a robo call offering a deal on health insurance. When Scherer asked the 'voice' point blank if 'she' was a person or a robot, 'she' replied enthusiastically that she was a real person. Then coyily laughed a little.

Scherer wasn't satisfied. He started to drill her with questions: “What vegetable is found in tomato soup?” she said she didn't understand the question. Then she was repeatedly asked what day of the week it was yesterday, she repeatedly replied she a bad connection.

Other reporters in the TIME offices spent the newx few hours calling the 'interface' back to nail down the 'voice' and get to the bottom of the mystery. The voice told callers her name was Samantha West and her simple job was to ask questions about health coverage, for example, ”Are you on Medicare?”

The company behind the baloney is A TIME reporter called the company asked the person answering about the robot. “We don’t use robot calls, sir,” and quickly hung-up the phone.

Give her a call, see what you think: (484) 589-5611. Oh. Wait. The number has been disconnected, Samantha is apparently now calling from some other number Premier Health Plans denies she is calling from now.

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