Retailers Conceal Cameras In Mannequins

Walmart and other retailer's eyes are on you, literally.  Not because they think you're gonna steal goodies, they already know who does that, but because they wanna know what you 'almost' bought before you made an actual purchase.

The technology is way, way past the 'old-tech' video cameras easily visible hanging from ceilings around the stores. Nah, these guys are filling mannequins with facial-recognition cameras hidden in their eyes!

The theory is to track shopper demographics. Which is code for who the hell are you, anyway.

Alfonso Perez built a system called Shopperception that Walmart uses. The motion-sensored cameras track a shopper’s product choice. Why not settle for tracking inventory? Because they want to match product with women, men, old, young, black, white, fat, frail, frumpy and the wheel-chair bound buyer.

So don't be pick'n your nose or rearranging your junk in front of the artificial life-forms in the clothing department, not unless you want to share with store employees later.

You didn't have a presumption of privacy shopping for socks, shoes, cereal, and underwear did you?

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