Jobs: Just 3 In 10 Have Full-Time Work

The Obama regime has the worst record for jobs than any adminstration in history..  By pure numbers and not percent of workforce, the Obama goons are a pure disgrace.

During the Great Depression the jobless rate was 15-30% for eight years, but since the population of the country was 130 million the number of people out of work was a 'mere' 18 million or so.  Today the population is over 330 million, yet there are some 80 million completely out of the workforce and not counted among the jobless.

For the rest that do have jobs the prognosis is grim.  Just 30% of those with jobs are working full-time, the rest are part-time and poor.

Sorta explains why Obama's poverty, food stamp, medicaide, welfare, jobless benefit, disability benefit records all exist, huh?

Obamacare is the final and ultimate insult to all of this failure.  Obama has emphatically and intentionally stripped healthcare from the nation in an ugly way.  Hopefully people will remember in the next two elections.

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