Naked Guy Yells 'Bingo' In A Bingo Parlor

The Angle's closing in on it's fourth year of blathering, blogging and bringing the baloney life oozes daily.  It seems fitting and proper to end the year with a pair of stories each illustrating the depths of despair humanity always achieves at this time of year.

Helen Williams has a bad temper.  The Charleston, SC woman came home Christmas Eve kinda extra pissie and was apparently in no mood to finish the evening without a beer.  A 'man' who remains unnamed and is somehow connected to Helen got an ugly surprise when he returned from the store.

After giving the bad news to Helen that he couldn't get beer because no stores were open on Christmas Eve the 'man' was beaten and stabbed with a ceramic squirrel.  Helen told the cops the guy fell and hurt himself.  But that didn't explain why Helen was covered in blood too - so Helen spent Christmas in jail charged with criminal domestic violence and assault with a clay squirrel.

Bingo isn't supposed to be a contact sport but apparently Deharra Waters didn't get the memo. The cops arrested Deharra at the New Silver Heights Bingo hall in Louisville, KY after he ran through the bingo hall with his pants down screaming "Bingo."  Waters was taken downtown and charged with disorderly conduct, alcohol intoxication and failure to collect a bingo prize while fully clothed and composed.

Some people just can't seem to handle the merriment and mirth that is supposed to be the holiday season - wuddya gonna do?