Rabbi Sued After Snipping Off Penis During Bris

Pittsburgh Rabbi Mordechai Rosenberg is also a mohel.  A mohel is the guy you call when you want your newborn Jewish boy to get his foreskin snipped.

Many think Jews originated the idea but the ancient peoples of Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia were lopping off penis hoodies long before the Hebrew Maimonides' principles of faith came along.

Still, for Jews the ceremony is special.  Aside from losing a chunk of his future manhood, the baby also gets a Hebrew name often selected from among dead relatives. So from something small a big thing happens.  Mozel Tov!

Why all the fuss over a little foreskin?  Well just after Rabbi Rosenberg arrived at Tree of Life Synagogue in Squirrel Hill he lifted the tiny member and started to work when something went sideways, literally.

A lawsuit claims Mordechai clipped off the whole thing, foreskin and penis both.  The baby was rushed to Children’s Hospital, where doctors performed emergency microsurgery.  Instead of the fifteen minutes the mohel normally takes, eight hours was needed to undo the damage.

The baby required six blood transfusions and hospitalization for nearly two months. Penis and boy are said to be doing well, though.

Rabbi 'Shaky The Mohel' Rosenberg acknowledges this as a “tragic accident” and a “horrible situation.” And continues to do circumcisions. Next...