MSNBC Gay Anchor: '...Obama...the First Gay President'

Here we go, folks.

MSNBC's openly gay anchor, Thomas Roberts, declared Obama to be the first gay president Monday morning...  What's his proof?  Oh yea, he has none.

But let's stay with the crotch-bulging loafer-lite guy for a second and pretend he's right.

What would Obama be doing to make him the first gay president?  Would he have to cheat on Michelle switch hitting with a male orderly?  Would he be playing Broadway show tunes on his iPod between meetings?  Would he get a tingle down his leg thinking about Chris Mathew's leg tingle?  Or would he just need to confess to a bromance with one of his bulky black secret service agents?

Dunno.  One thing for sure though.  Obama is proving to be a lot of things, but packing fudge is likely not one of them.  Does MSNBC have ANYONE working over there without a personal agenda embedded in fake news?

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