Liberals Are Born Not Made

Brain scans achieve 90% accuracy pinpointing political bias.  Why?  The gene lottery.

Left-wingers use the left insula, a region associated with an emotional, disassembled, ill-logical and irrational bias.

Right-wingers use the right amygdala, a region associated with logic, rationality, and base instincts.

Left-wingers see right amygdala people as brutal, lacking compassion, fear oriented and reactionary.

Right-wingers see left insula people as chaotic compulsives, frail-fantasy driven superficials, prone to drug use, narcissism, and a proclivity to make factless pronouncements and messy interpretations.

In short, each views the other with appropritate suspicion and disdain. Why not, they are coming from opposite regions of the brain. Liberals are genetically defective - a single gene may be the culprit.

Ya gotta pity the poor turd whose brain is split twixt the two.  Sitting in no-mans land inside a head squeezed by the factions we all affectionately know as the right and left wing.

Liberal And Conservative Brains