Eight Ways To Opt Out Of ObamaCare

ObamaCare's in your face now.   Private health care is being replaced with low quality high costs government run death panels and IRS enforcement. 

But until the GOP can regain control of the government and do what they were trying to do before this thing got born the  'Affordable Care Act' is trying to make your life unaffordable.

So what are you gonna do about it? Ya gonna just sit and bitch?  Ya gonna just take it?  Well...

Here are 8 ways you could avoid or blunt the impact of the fiasco:
  1. Health Care Sharing Ministry - voluntary and charitable everyone shares their expenses.
  2. Buy a short term health policy on a year-by-year basis.  These are exempt from ObamaCare.
  3. Buy a tailored plan with a fixed-benefit, critical illness, or accident only also exempt.
  4. Use a cash-only doctor or retail healthcare clinic.
  5. Sign-up for telemedicine care.
  6. Always use generic prescriptions - ObamaCare has no drug coverage at all, remember.
  7. Need surgery - hospitals charge less for 'package' deals.
  8. Still need surgery - hospitals will cut a deal for cash customers.

Remember, you voted for it and now have to take it to the dance - braces and corsage and all.  Got buyers remorse?  Tough.

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