ObamaCare Revives Reagan Democrats

Ronald Reagan won by the biggest landslide in US history trouncing Walter Mondale so badly, Mondale could muster just a single electoral vote.  That was 1984 when Mondale had to carry Jimmy Carter's baggage into the election.  Fun year huh?

History may just repeat itself thanks to Obama and ObamaCare.  How? Reagan's complete rout of Carter and Mondale was made possible by  'Reagan Democrats.'  Democrats helped to elect the greatest president since World War II.

These Democrats may be coming back now that they've been bitch-slapped by Jimmy Carter Junior - Barry Obama.

Obama’s lie: “If you like your health plan, you can keep it” has hit the white middle class hardest.  And that's where the white Democrats that voted for Reagan reside.

Whites are still the majority sporting about 67% of the country. In midterms whites vote at twice the rate as other groups. Just 29% of whites approve of Obama's performance, 85% of blacks still cling to Obama despite their plight.

The senate is the prize this time. Reid pompously pronounced he will be in charge of the senate through 2021. All of that presumes Democrats retain control of the senate after 2014, and presumes Reid will get reelected and retain control in 2016 too.  Are voters really that naive?  We will see...

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