Fat Freak Over Fat Barbie Doll

The entire world's getting fat.  So companies are accommodating the sloth by catering to the rotund rabble.  How?

Airlines now have bubble-butt fares, kids clothes are ballooning, and some want Barbie dolls to come not just in race-correct colors but also Shallow Hal chair-bender builds.

For years Barbie has been this tiny little thing and the food fanatics are none too happy about it.  The bovine crowd say the body image of the thin Barbie falls on the fat like a snowball-sized sack of snot.

So some want Mattel to consider spreading Barbie out a bit.

The Facebook group Plus Size Modeling asks: 'Should toy companies start making plus-sized Barbie dolls? In all honesty, we want to know...' The page has gotten 36,000 likes and a smattering of comments complaining that the fat Barbie doll doesn't get the girth of the roly-poly properly.

Self-described fat person MaryBeth Gafford left this comment: 'The triple chin is too much. Most overweight people (me included) only have a double chin no matter what size they are. This Barbie is inaccurate.'

Ah, the triple chin is the problem, not the notion that morphing thin Barbie into a grotesque baby blimp is inappropriate. Why not give paunchy prepubescents another way to escape their consequences?

Hey goons - it's a TOY. Barbie's not meant to be an anatomy class practice dummy.

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