Teacher Zapped Telling Black Kid Santa's White

Race is the new fascism in America.  Made so by a racist president and a willing army of race hustlers and race obsessed supporters (like the disgusting Melissa Harris-Perry on MSNBC).

Most of us are tired of it, but it's not gonna go away while Obama and the Democrats are in power.

The latest race row is over a tongue-in-cheek comment Megyn Kelly made the other night on her show.  Megyn qupped that Santa Claus and Jesus were white guys.

The race crowd went into a convulsive uproar, but the fact still remains she's right - both of those guys were white.  Jesus was a Hebrew and Jew.  And Santa Claus is Saint Nikolaos of Myra a 4th century Greek cleric.

So who cares?  Well, it seems just using the word 'white' is enough to lather up the race hypocrites, especially if the word is uttered on Fox News.  These guys hate both - whites and Fox News.

Officials at Cleveland High School in New Mexico said they 'disciplined' a teacher after a black parent got upset.  Michael Rougier angrily told the local press his ninth-grade son, Christopher, went to school wearing a Santa hat and beard, and his teacher asked: "Don't you know Santa Clause is white? Why are you wearing that?"

The unnamed teacher has since apologized to the Rougier family. The student, Christopher has since been taken out of the guys class.

Notice there's more outrage over this teacher and this silly incident than public schools often take over molesting and incompetent teachers. Wanna know why? Because unions don't protect silly comments, they only protect molesters.

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