Girlfriend Beater Gets Homework Assignment

Pacer Anthony Ferguson is a 27-year-old convicted felon an animal and a coward. 

Ferguson confessed in court that he smashed his girlfriend's face during an argument, fracturing her skull in three places. The woman required a permanent mesh titanium plate to repair the damage.

The  jury convicted Ferguson of misdemeanor assault but let him off on the more serious crime of felony aggravated assault and witness tampering which would have put him away for 100 years.

The judge could only give Ferguson a maximum sentence of six months in county jail. But he also ordered the creature to write “boys do not hit girls” 5,000 times.

Ferguson's been in and out trouble since age 14 for a range of offenses including killing a man when he and another teen release a railroad car as a 'prank.'

Ferguson was out of jail on probation for a 2003 knife-point attempted robbery when he brutalized his girlfriend.  As Ferguson stood before District Judge G. Todd Baugh once again for the probation violation the judge, rather than release him for good behavior, swiftly sentenced him to a fresh 8-year prison sentence.

Ironic huh?  Here's a brute that nearly kills his girlfriend and gets a paltry 6-months county jail time, but ends up doing hard time for violating probation from an earlier crime.  Twisted societal priorities folks.

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