MSNBC Tells Blacks How To Christmas Shop

Touré Neblett is a self-describe music critic co-hosting The Cycle on MSNBC.  Sure it's just another show with no audience, but when guys like Touré open pie-hole and spit-out the race card it's kinda fun to explore the gooey mess.

Touré took the air Monday and gave advise to other blacks on how to go Christmas shopping.  The subtext of his remarks, of course, black profiling.  Stores sorta really don't like shoplifting and fighting in the ailes.

Turns out much of his advise is pretty accurate and would serve blacks well had they tuned in to hear the goon gurgle.

Touré says 'African-Americans' can avoid the “shop-and-frisk” by making themselves appear “non-threatening.”  Methods might include dressing well, waving to security cameras, speaking articulately, shaking security guards’ hands, and, if possible, bringing a white friend (though not an attractive white girl if you’re a black male).

Touré says all of that is to  “mollify” the shop owners and warns, whatever you do, “Please don’t mention the FBI’s statistics of larceny arrests that show that 68% were arrests of white folks, 29% were of black folks."

The problem?  The FBI stats don't show that whites commit more larceny (or crime) than blacks.  In fact, the stats clearly show that blacks commit the majority of violent and property crimes (per capita) than any other group.  And the stats show that 60% of prison inmates nationwide are black despite blacks making up about 12% of the general population.

So why shouldn't blacks dress and speak well?  Why not go shopping and behave?  Wouldn't that be novel, Touré?