Lesbian Athletic Director Fires Straight Gym Teacher

Gregory Kenney, 51, was a gym teacher at Trinity School in NYC for 16 years. Then lesbian Pat Krieger became his boss in 2009.

Kenney was fired in 2012 by Pat Krieger. The male gym teacher says Krieger took an immediately disliking to him and seemed to favor the female gym teachers. He suspected it was because he was a married with kids - you know, he was a traditionally married straight guy with a family.

Kenney says Krieger piled out-of-contract work on him and when he said he couldn't work the extra hours she turned him into the administration. Kenney said Krieger got the same push-back from a female on her staff but made accommodations for her instead of going to the administration.

Krieger dug in and went after Kenney's personally according to Kenney accusing him of illegally subletting his apartment and leaving kids unsupervised. The accusations are false Kenney says, but it led to his termination nonetheless. Three other married male gym teachers have also been cut loose.

Kenney says he was replaced by a lesbian gym teacher!

Sounds like the 300-year-old private school is gonna lose some cash over this one. Maybe they need to do a little house cleaning in their athletic department too.

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