NYC Dem Gets Pneumonia Posing As Homeless Guy

New York has more homeless now than in the entire history of the city.  The place has never seen extremes in wealth versus poverty like today - thanks entirely to Michael Bloomberg and Barak Obama.

So what does a Democrat politician do to 'feel the pain' of his many constituents doomed to live out in the open?  Why not try to live like them for three days?

That's what Queens City Council member Ruben Wills did, at least for one day anyway. Then he came down with a case of pneumonia forcing him into a Brooklyn hospital.

Wills walked into the facility without an ID card or any other proof of insurance - you know as if he were uninsured.  That's how it worked before ObamCare - no one was ever turned away.

Ruben remains undeterred and vows to return to the subways and public parks and tough it out once and for all! As Ruben insists, "I needed to experience homelessness to really properly advocate for the homeless population,"

By that lame logic Ruben also needs to get cancer, lose a leg, get mugged, spend a year in jail, get 'knocked-out' by a teen, be foreced onto ObamaCare, and lose his job if he truly wants to 'experience' all that affects those living in his district - right?

Crusader or clown?  You be the judge...

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