Gay Marriage Today...Polygamy Tomorrow?

SCOTUS didn't throw out all of DOMA (Defense Of Marriage) as it turns out.  States can still deny recognition of a gay marriage if performed in another state.

DOMA (Section 3) was ruled unconstitutional.  That section denied same-sex married couples from receiving federal marriage benefits.

And the court kicked CA Prop 8 back to the 9th Circuit Court Of Appeals rather say the law was unconstitutional.  The effect allowed Jerry Brown to jump off his colostomy bag and declare gay marriage would resume in 30 days in the dying state.

Gays are not alone celebrating.  Polygamists like what SCOTUS did too. Polygamists say the decisions will 'blaze the marriage equality trail...the nuclear family is not the majority any more.'

Ken Klukowski, from the Family Research Council, says the door for polygamous marriage is also opening, pointing out that activists in Utah had already launched a challenge to the ban on multi-partner marriages.

Fun huh folks? Some cynics even think really nasty marital unions are possible now too, like incest, bestiality, and pedophilia. Really disgusting stuff, true. But then many still think two men trying to share orfices is still just as repugnant. So be it.

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