Gay Domestic Violence Escalates With Marriage

SCOTUS nullified DOMA (Defense Of Marriage) today and vacated California's Prop 8 ban on gay marriage.  Gays are finally free to officially hook up and join the rest of the country in the joys and risks of marital 'bliss.'

The dark side of marriage is domestic violence.  Over half of women murdered worldwide are killed by their spouse.  In Muslim cultures wives are property and gays are targets for execution.

Worldwide up to 70% of women aged 15-49 will get beaten so badly they will require hospital care at some point in their lives.

Despite new laws and changes in police procedures domestic violence in the US has increased.

The rate for LGBT-DV is the same or higher than for straight women, about 25% will become victim.  Some theorize gays have been under special pressure because they have been prevented from making it official - don't kid yourself folks.

The roots of domestic violence lay in dysfunction, ignorance and a chain of violence.  Gays are not immune to the same abuse the straight world suffers.

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