Homeless Woman Compacted In Garbage Truck

The luckiest unlucky homeless woman this week is Jessica Bunyar who likes to snuggle-up in dumpster bins in Globe, AZ.  Did you guess yet?

The garbage truck driver working for Copper State Sanitation told the Globe cops his truck made 10 stops and 10 compaction cycles before a bystander on a sidewalk notice a head pop out of the truck crying for help.

The driver figures the woman survived because the truck only compacts the crap 50% in order to avoid 'leaking' liquid crap all over the route.  A 100% compaction would have ended Jessica's attempt to 'be the garbage' on the first compaction cycle.

Bunyar was plucked from the half-compacted pile of crap by the fire department and shoved into a slightly less crappy ambulance for her ride to the hospital.  No word yet when the city awards Bunyar a personal dumpster or furnishes her with crush-proof body armor for the balance of her stay in Globe..

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