Bulletproof Backpacks Selling Like Hotcakes

Reaction to Sandy Hook continues to fester among the gun crazed liberals who are hell-bent on stripping constitutionally protected gun rights.

Smart people figured out the right thing to do is to arm and train teachers and staff, and hire security for the schools.  Still others seem to want to take the defensive posture and place a bullet-resistant teflon backpack and body-armor on their kids. 

Miguel Caballero, dubbed the ‘Armani’ of bullet-proof golf and polo attire designed the children’s backpacks.  The Angle did a story on Caballero's clothing a year ago.

The bullet-stopping haversack is not for the recession-stung masses, however. They cost $250 bucks.  Still even at that price more than 300 have gone out in three months.

'It provides a lot of protection,' says Tim Hogan of Elite Sterling Security. ‘It can sustain multiple shots with pretty high caliber weapons.'

The company is gearing up for larger high-school kids too.  And their is their standard issue 'tactical vest' for all ages if you really want to beat the bullets.   No doubt Obama and Biden will want one for all the inner-city and illegal immigrant kids too - paid for by guess who?.