Chinese Invent Hairy Leg Stockings

Apparently there's a problem on Chinese beaches and subway trains.  So much so, that a Chinese company selling 'hairy legs stockings' has a hit on their hands.

Billed as the perfect 'summertime anti-pervert' device and 'essential for young girls going out’ the leggings are pretty scary indeed. Wanna bet these guys didn't know 'perverts' are ATTRACTED to hairy women?

Tough to find, the stockings are guaranteed male repellents.  Odd considering women have no problem with the same look on a guy.

But then there's a hirsute double standard. 

Most men are so fur-phobia they even look for ladies shaving all of it, including the 'school zone.'  Also known as a 'bald pussy' for those who fail to take the hint.

The crazy thing is hair on Asian women is a laugh compared to places like the Ukraine or Italy.  Which explains why the model above isn't even Asian at all...

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