Bullies And Brats Being Bred By Baby Boomers

The root of the 'entitlement' mind can be traced to the narcissism of the 60's when the great generation spun off a a progeny of hedonists and secular losers.

Many of those kids are running the show today and breeding their kids to be just about as spoiled, narcissistic, egocentric, and empathy-deficient as possible.

The left swapped a humble reverence for higher purpose with worship for celebrity, fame, ostentatious spending, and mindless pursuit of pleasure.

So is it surprising these spoiled brats are not keen to join a payroll or delay gratification long enough to earn a thing or two?

The Cassandra Report describes a pretty pathetic 7 to 14 age group dubbed Generation Z. These kids are big trouble because when they dominate the future the chances of a turnaround in American culture will be utterly impossible.

The parents of these little monsters are giving them far too much power far too soon..  The marketing study shows the majority of these kids know it too.  Don't be surprised when these little turds grow up and elect more guys like Bill Clinton and Barak Obama.  The Dem party knows how to bribe voters and Generation Z loves to be bribed.

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