Oscar De La Hoya 'hosted drug-fueled hotel sex romp'

One of the greatest boxers to ever enter the ring was Oscar De La Hoya. The quick hands of De La Hoya defeated 17 world champions and won 10 world titles in 6 different weight classes.

Oscar 'Golden Boy' De La Hoya was a cash machine, generating more than any boxer in the history of the sport, an astonishing $696 million.

That's the public Oscar.  The private Oscar allegedly dabbles, according to a bogus lawsuit in cross-dressing, sex crazed partying, and carnal addictions. 

Playboy model Angelica Marie Cecora, 25, sued Oscar for $5 million claiming he held a drug-fueled hotel orgy last March 2012, pulling her underwear over his goodies and intimidated her and her friend who 'tried to escape' the mayhem.

Angelica admitted she had consensual and 'unusual' sex with the fighter. But she claims she just wanted to go to sleep and Oscar didn't want to go to sleep. Angelica says she was ‘afraid to leave the hotel room because she feared the defendant would attempt to have sex with her against her will.'

At first we thought Oscar was trying to pull a Mike Tyson.  But Angelica slipped up when she first admitted she was okay with the sex and then all of a sudden she thought she was being held for rape.

Still, Oscar did put her underwear on.  But lot's of misguided guys do that - it's not a crime.  Angelica doesn't need $5 million bucks to buy another pair of panties.  She does need to get a a real job, though.