iPhone 5 Half The Speed Of Android Phones

The death of Steve Jobs was a malediction for Apple Computer.

The company founded and later resurrected by the wizard of gadgets is in deep doodoo.  The two year product stream Jobs left behind has been exhausted and product execution of the aging iPhone is mired in Chinese slave-labor and poor quality.

Benchmark tests measuring processing and memory speed ranked the new iPhone seventh out of seven among best selling smartphones. The iPhone is far slower than the more capabile Samsung models and even comes in behind Google, Sony, HTC and Blackberry for for game speeds, editing pictures and general application execution.

In fact the Samsung Galaxy S4 is TWICE as fast as the iPhone 5. And since Samsung uses Google maps and the Android OS, speech recognition and GPS capability are far superior to the Apple orphans.

Will Apple die-hards care? Probably not. Most Appleites are brainwashed kids under thirty who often tattoo the Apple logo on their butts in a cult-like frenzied gesture of 'belonging.'   Apple computer products have always been behind in terms of speed and capability.

But for those of us who just want the best, and have enough self-esteem and self-identity to buy and use products based on value choosing the Samsung Galaxy these days is a no-brainer.  And so it goes...

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