Iraq's Hanging Judges Still Working Overtime

The hard fought, blood and treasure sacrifice the US made in Iraq has been wasted by Obama.  New York is not offering to honor returning Iraq veterans despite these vets fighting in part to avenge 911.

A full 65 people were executed in the first 40 days of 2012, including 14 in a single day. Iraq authorizes the death penalty for over 50 crimes including terrorism, kidnapping, and murder, but also for damage to public property.

Even the Sunni VP of Iraq Tariq al-Hashimi is suspected of running 'death squads' and of being a terrorist himself.  Hashimi may be the man behind recent bombing deaths of Shiite government officials.

The terror leader Al-Sadr is on a comeback now that he has 'finished his religious studies' while in Iran!  When he returns, Al-Sadr will have full ties to Iran. An Iraq run by Al-Sadr will mean a Sharia dictatorship as is now the rule in Libya, Egypt, and Iran.

Obama pulled the troops according to the Bush timetable then tried to take credit for the war win.  Wonder if Obama is still trying to take credit for Iraq, Libya, Egypt, the Drones and soon Syria?.

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