Zimmerman Trial Star Witness 'Misunderstood'

Rachael Jeantel was the last person Trayvon Martin spoke to before George Zimmerman shot and killed him in self-defense. Rachael is alleged to have been Trayvon's girlfriend and thus became the star witness for the prosecution against Zimmerman.

So how did heavily coached Rachael morph into the star witness for George Zimmerman's defense?

Since first taking the stand Rachael Jeantel has exposed herself as an illiterate, fumbling, statement-switching, low-talking, obese high-school dropout who is either displaying contempt for the process, or has an IQ so low it prevents her from understanding simple questions.

Global Grind's white-guilter Rachel Samara says Rachael's fail is because 'white people don't understand' the erratic witness.  You know, the endless enigma 'black thing' that presumes all blacks are still oppressed and look like morons to 'privileged' white people.

So Rachael couldn't read the letter she allegedly wrote to Trayvon's mom - not because, as Rachael whined she can't read 'cursive' penmanship, nor because Rachael likely didn't write the letter to start with, but because white people don't 'understand' the fumbling fathead on the stand.

These are tense times for those who would lynch George Zimmerman.  And when Zimmerman walks it will be a 'white jury' that cuts him loose.  No matter how vacant the evidence or how shrill the Trayvon defenders get when Zimmerman escapes the hangman's noose the bitter mob will blame 'white racism.'  Bet on it..

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