Hoboken Union Goon Slams Private School Kid's Parents

The public school systems has been commandeered by an enemy from within - public school unions.  Their tactics are insidious and their mission is to destroy the future for millions of kids stuck in the schools they dominate.  Their motive is cash.

Hoboken, NJ school union president Gary Enrico wants private schools taken out of the equation.  He said parents send their children to private schools to keep them from having contact with poor kids.  A class warfare hellfire missile taken out of Obama's arsenal.

Enrico snorted, 'They don't want their children in the classrooms with the kids from applied housing or the projects...If I'm wrong I'd love to be corrected, but I doubt it.'

Enrico's arrogance, audacity, conceit, contemptuousness, disdain, gall, hubris, imperiousness, insolence, loftiness, nerve, ostentation, posturing, pomposity, presumption, pretension, priggishness, self-importance, superciliousness, swagger, and vilification is easy to spot. Wanna bet public schooled Enrico lacks the vocabulary to process the word list describing him?

Local bar owner and private school parent Joe Branco took offense. "Mr. Enrico owes the charter school parents an apology for making such a blanket statement," Branco said. "If Hoboken High does get its act together by the time my kids are there, I'll be more than happy to send my kids to Hoboken High."

Bar owner? Oh yea, a bar owner is driving his Lexus SUV full of kids to private school in order to avoid the poor, sure, sure...  Oh, and naturally the public school teachers in Hoboken gave Enrico two ataboys and a big wet kiss.