GOP Women 1941: Cigars, Spittoons, And Poker

Remember grandma talking about the 'good old days' during the War when men went off to fight and woman stayed home to smoke cigars, spit on the floor, and play poker?

The GOP Women’s Club of Milford, CT had a little party in May of 1941 - the calm before the storm.  The bawdy bunch spent a night nursing stogies, bluffing at poker, busting chops and oogling a striptease show.

At least that's how LIFE magazine covered it on that May night on the eve of the War that made many of them widows.

By nights end a top time was had by all. The porters noted the ladies put down more cigarette butts than the Firemen Soiree of 1938.

With tough as nails women like that there's little wonder why the 'great' generation won the war.