Burn Dead Bodies To Heat Public Pools

Britain becomes what they once hated - Nazi Germany. The goofy ex-empire wants to heat their public swimming pools burning dead bodies.

Sir George Young says heating the Worcestershire leisure center pool by burning dead bodies is a 'groundbreaking scheme.'  George says he would 'die a happier man' knowing the heat cooking his dead carcass was heating the pool.

Wow. Okay Sir George, lets get that party started - why wait?

The Brits have their version of the EPA, called the Department Of Energy And Climate Change.  The DOECC says heat from the incinerators at any crematoria reaches 1,472F. So naturally recycling that heat back into a public swimming pool is a no brainer.

Trade unions are unhappy about the idea. They say it's 'sick and an insult to local residents.'

The crematorium and green Nazis in the House Of Commons won't be stopped. They even fantasize installing a couple of turbines in the oven smoke stacks to make electricity!  Not even Himmler could come up with that flash of brilliance.

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