Cookie Crazed? Get Thee A Cookie Safe

Are you a weak, cowardly, an out of self-controlled candy and cookie crumudgeon?

Do you sweat your bed at night filled with self-inflicted guilt and remorse because you can't just eat one?  Do you avoid buying new Levi's even though you can't get your old pants past your fat ass?    Are you shopping at Walmart more and more because that's where the cheapest junk food is always on sale?

Wow.  You are pathetic.  But there may be hope. 

The Kitchen Safe is a plastic container with a lid that locks like a bank vault door.  A time-lock set by you from between one minute to up to ten days cannot be defeated, not even at gun point.  The design anticipated taking out the batteries.  But cookie safe can still crush it with a car tire.   But the product may stop you just enough to regain your self-confidence and self-esteem - or  not.

Desperation made 39-year-old David Krippendorf. Krippendorf come up with the safe.  Dave had tried to enlist his wife Jenny to hide his junk food.  But their relationship degraded into a series of extortion plots, and sex-hostage situations..

Davee put the product on kickstarter.  Like other addictions, the first step is admitting you have a problem.  After that you're on your own haystack so kick the habit before it kicks you.