Panhandler Turf War Ends In Tragedy

Where else but Times Square will you find a panhandler turf war erupt witnessed by guys wearing Alien and Predator costumes...

Justin Long, aka 'Weed Guy' waves around the 'Help. I need money for weed' sign. Weed Guy stabbed panhandler Wayne Semancik aka 'Beer Guy' in the neck with an ink pen. Beer Guy may be a copy-cat-sign-guy because his sign says 'I need beer.'

The cops are crawling the square day and night so reaction was fast. Luckily for the cops two other panhandlers dressed as Alien and Predator were near and deemed credible witnesses to the stabbing.

The throwdown went like this.  Weed Guy struck first spitting on Beer Guy. Beer Guy unfazed turned to Weed Guy and warned, 'When you spit in my face, darling, I'm going to hit you...I don't care who you are, how big you are, I'm going to hit you,' Beer Guy's voice became louder.

Then it happened, Beer Guy says, 'So the man [Weed Guy], he pulled out a pen because I was hitting him, and he started stabbing me [Beer Guy] in the face, and I have five stab wounds in my face right now.'

Police arrested Weed Guy.  Beer Guy was treated for facial lacerations at the scene. Alien and Predator guessed it was a turf war dealie because Weed and Beer had had words before.  They figured it was just a matter of enough weed and beer before the two tangled.

If New York can't control a couple of panhandlers how do they expect to stop another terror attack?  Oh yea, they only put cameras on people with jobs and listen to the cell phones of those that don't carry signs.

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