Obama Kills Coal Today

Want more proof Obama could care less about the average guy in the streets. Did you know 50 million are living in poverty, up 40% since Obama took over?

So what's Obama working on in the midst of regime collapse amid scandals and security leaks?

Climate Change, of course. Today, Obama's speech readily and forcefully called for the full demise of coal in the USA.

Obama's EPA has already been bypassing congress with tons of job killing mandates.  But this speech was meant to send the clearest signal yet Obama wants coal to die.

Meanwhile, China is taking full advantage of the crippling-effect Obama is having on the USA.   China is releasing a “climate bomb” of greenhouse gases 15,000 times more damaging to the climate than carbon dioxide this year.  Why?  Because China's world leading producers of refrigerants (HFC-23) got their climate credits stripped by the UN.

Obama spat on the coal industry but coal producers won't just lay down their shovels.  China will benefit from the extra supply coming from US soil.  And China doesn't care about installing the hyper-expensive EPA mandated CO2 scrubbers US energy plants must employ.

So while Obama and his green goons delude themselves into thinking they control the issue, the cat they try to stuff into a bag will simply get on a ship and reemerge in China.  The planet's air won't know the difference.

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