Les Miserables Bomb-Book Blinds Mother-In-Law

Romanian Florin Dan Munteanu, 38, hollowed out a copy of the book Les Miserable and filled it with broken glass, gunpowder and a battery detonator.

Why?  Dan's wife moved back in with his mother-in-law after a fight.

Skulking with a friend over beer Dan had an epiphany.  The 'friend' knew about a web site filled with instructions on book-bombs . The nefarious plan was cooked up over bread sticks and booze.

The bomb, the book, the package wrapped carefully in fancy paper and a bow would take out wifee on the first turned page..

But Dan didn't count on the mother-in-law answering the door.. Suspecting a son-in-law, mom opened the package.  Ka-Pow!

Munteanu's mother-in-law, 52, lay in a hospital suffering serious blast injuries.

Munteanu and web pal arrested after the cops noticed the return address on the book-bomb.  The 'misery' is Dan and his beer buddy making origami bombs and filling out coloring books in prison.