Women's Memory Inferior To Men

Women right-brained, men left-brained - let's work the whole thing out.  This significance shows up when women 'reach' to remember.

‘Very few memory studies have looked at how attractive or repulsive we find an experience and how emotionally provocative it is ,’ said researcher Dr Marc Lavoie, of the University of Montreal.

While women short-circuit their memory, the men seem to rally. 'Emotion has an enhancing effect on the memory of men however, as does unpleasantness.' noted Dr Lavoie.

If true, how can women be effective in combat, tense corporate negotiations, critical diplomacy interactions, or firing incompetent employees where emotion is clearly a factor?

Since women are not up to the memory challenge they should not be made part of critical, and potentially highly emotional situation that would require a sharp memory. At least that's what the biology is saying.

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