Obama Channels Lyndon Johnson

Lyndon Johnson screwed up. In 1968 at the peak of the Vietnam war over 500,000 Americans were trudging thru the jungles where 55,000 eventually died.

In 1968 angry left-wing students were in the streets rioting. Johnson saw the writing on the Oval office wall - and quit. On national television, Johnson said 'I shall not seek, and I will not accept, the nomination of my party for another term as your President.'

Johnson left a legacy of debt, war, and the first great social welfare fiasco - the Great Society.

Obama didn't learn from Johnson's mistakes.  So today Obama is lording over new records in poverty, debt, looming wars, scandals and an emerging left-wing discontent. 

Obama's decline began just after he bullied through Obamacare.  How many $100 million buck vacations he squeezes in before the scandals and failures squeeze him remains to be seen.