The Death Of The Manly Man

Women's liberation was never designed to gain equality with men for women.  Instead, women became more male like and an alarming number of men are becoming more pussified.

Marketing research by J. Walter Thompson turned up a disturbing trend. A horrifying 33% of men use hair removal products, 9% use makeup and foundation, 11% use bronzer and 10% apply concealer. Whatever that is.

And a pathetic 29% get manicures, 24% have facials, and 13% get eyebrow waxing and colonics.  A Sharper Image nose and ear hair clipper is one thing, but waxing removal too far.

These same guys are also becoming clothes and shoe hounds rivaling even the most ardent female of the species. 

The day of androgyny nears. May God have mercy on all our souls.