Michael Jackson Blew $35 Million Bribing Victims

Remember the 2005 trial Mikee Jackson sailed through when accused of pedophilia and child molestation?  Remember all the stories and rumors of romps with kids in his mansions? 

Sometimes when something as malodorous as the funk that hung around Jackson's neck fills a room there's usually something stolid and putrid in the pool.

Michael Jackson allegedly spent nearly $35 million to cover his kid molestation trail with at least 24 boys, says the London’s Sunday People.  The paper said they got a shitload of 'secret FBI files' full of stomach-churning details and leg-tingling imagery (at least Chris Mathews might think that).

In a grand twist of irony the paper says they got the files collected and collated by private-dick Anthony Pellicano, who Jackson hired to keep things on the down-low. The documents – identified as cases number CADCE MJ-02463 and CR 01046 — were never turned over to prosecutors in the Jackson of molestation trials.

But, but, but why? The FBI thus far doesn't acknowledges the existence of the damning documents. And Pellicano is serving a 15-year sentence in the Federal pen for racketeering and wiretapping. So who do we call?

Where are the 24 kids now? Shouldn't they be suing Jackson's family who are in the middle of suing the production company they accused of contributing to Jackson's early demise?  And what about those wigs? Not even Stephen King could write a thriller as convoluted and corrupt as this story.