Neanderthals Painting Caves 250,000 Years Ago

Homo Sapiens like to brag about how high they are on the food chain.

But remember, humans decide the traits to prize. Though humans aren't the fastest, live the longest, jump the highest, or hibernate; the human brain remains an enigma.

Humans and Neanderthals competed once. Humans won. And ever since assumptions about the proto-man keep turning out wrong..

Neanderthals were using red paint 250,000 years ago - far earlier than once thought. And even more fun? The hairy goofs trucked it in from long distances. Why they had the paint, and what they used it for remains a mystery.

But it's intriguing to note what we characterize as hominid morons unable to speak, or grow crops and had no wheel were likely making Jackson Pollocks a quarter million years before the abstract impressionists.  Something most in Africa have yet to figure out.

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